Healthcare Assistants, Nurses and Dental Nurses Insurance

There is now a big demand for nurses, care assistants, Healthcare assistants, support workers and dental nurses many of whom seek are placed or seek work from employment agencies who very often request that these professions have Professional Indemnity / Medical Malpractice Insurance covers in place before they can work for the organisation they have been recommended to.

There are nearly 700000 nurses in the UK most of who work for the NHS but there is also a strong private sector and some nurses operate and work in both. Where a nurse works outside the NHS they would have to make sure that they arrange Medical Malpractice Insurance, many employment agencies would not put them on their books without a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy in place. Professional Insurance Agents Ltd of course can offer these covers for nurses 247 and given the hours that nurses work this will be helpful as they can obtain competitive cover instantly from our website night or day.

Nowadays there is little point in having a policy with an indemnity level less than £1000,000 and in some cases you would need to consider higher levels if in doubt give us a call and we can help.(01323 648000)

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There are around 600 000 care assistants, healthcares, support workers in the Uk we all know that the industry is in crisis with many social care workers, healthcare and care assistants leaving their jobs most of who work through agencies where councils arrange for their staff. Again all these professions will need to be arranging Medical Malpractice/Professional Indemnity Insurance and we can help them arrange their insurances online via our website where instant competitive quotes and covers are available 247.

Dental nurses train very hard many obtaining their qualifications form the GDC General Dental Council and many who are members of the BADN The British Association of Dental Nurses most work in the private sector and some for the NHS. If a dental nurse works through an employment agency they will need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance/Medical Malpractice cover in place. Professional Insurance Agents Ltd will be able to offer them covers on or offline. Dental nurses can obtain covers 247 online via our website.

What insurance do dental/nurses, healthcare workers, paramedics need … Professional Indemnity Insurance or Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Firstly it maybe an idea to explain the difference between the two common titles used to cover the medical professions. The Professional Indemnity Insurance policy title is used more often than perhaps the Medical Malpractice Insurance one, which can spread confusion, but in reality both policies, adapted, or used for the medical professions have wordings that are very similar.

Of course some insurance companies can give more or less cover but in general the wordings follow the same types of cover. The main body of this insurance policy will cover both the legal cost to defend an allegation against you and in the event you were found to be neglectful in your duties then it could then cover any damages awarded. All of course subject to your policy terms and conditions.

One thing you need to be careful about when purchasing a Professional Indemnity Insurance is that it doesn’t have a bodily injury exclusion, as many of the standard professions (outside the medical professions) would carry this exclusion.

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