Residents Association Insurance

Residents Association Insurance offers a wide range of coverage to all those who set up a residents' association, management company or resident company limited by guarantee. It is important to understand that volunteers may also be held responsible should things break down in the association so the right coverage is essential.

Cover for residents' associations

A Residents Association Insurance policy can defend against many types of allegation such as wrongful acts where any actual or alleged wrongful act or omission by a committee member, libel and slander, errors and omissions, safety and emergency regulations, discrimination and dishonesty of other directors.

We can also cover Public Liability Insurance as a standalone addition to the Residents Association Policy. This can cover against third party property damage and bodily injury for any shared areas such as roads and gardens as well as meetings and events.

All policy wordings are available before purchase, this includes full details of the coverage however, if you have any questions please get in touch with one of our brokers.

Even if you are only acting as a trustee or volunteer on a residents' association committee you can still be exposed to a number of potentially unlimited liabilities due to the responsibilities that you will be undertaking.

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What am I covered against?

There are many different types of exposure that could leave you out of pocket if a situation were to arise and you did not hold the correct insurance cover.

A Residents Association Policy will cover for defence of these types of allegations and if a director or committee member was found to be neglectful of their duties, damages would be awarded. Please note that the policy will not respond to any fines, penalties and punitive or exemplary charges.

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