What does Employment Practices Liability Insurance cover?

In an ever increasing litigious society it is important for companies to ensure they have comprehensive cover in place for unforeseen circumstances. Employment Practices Liability (EPL) cover is normally purchased in conjunction with Directors & Officers Insurance and provides protection against discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal cases that are taken to tribunal.

This is probably one of the biggest worries many companies face as the costs can be exorbitant. Employment tribunals have increased in recent years with the average compensation award over £8,000 however, the highest award currently stands at over £3,000,000. This is not including the legal costs to actually defend the claim, which can run into the tens of thousands, even on smaller claims.

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Employment Practices Liability claim example:

A former employee brought an action against her former employer, a motor vehicle dealers claiming sexual discrimination by the company, the defence costs were £50,000 and the award was £180,000.

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