Why do you need business insurance?

Depending on your line of work, having insurance for your business is the Law. Many business owners underestimate the disruption and devastation an incident can cause. It is important that you protect your business against flooding, fire, burglary and if you are a tradesman it is essential that you cover your tools.

If you employ staff then you must obtain suitable liability insurance. Limited companies are also required to have liability cover. You can find out more by viewing our Employers Liability Insurance page. When getting a quote online you can add or remove different insurance types onto your policy without having to do multiple quotes or jumping backwards and forwards in your browser and remembering what quotes you had.

If you cannot find your profession listed on our online system, please give us a call so we can discuss this with you and possibly recommend our full broking service.

We cover many professionals that come under different insurance classes, a few of the main insurance types we offer are: