Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Being an engineer you will understand the importance of ensuring you are properly covered. We can cover acoustic engineers to process engineers - it doesn't matter what type of engineer you are, we will provide you with the best possible Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

What is included?

With our insurance quote system you can tailor make your policy so you have the best cover that suites you. When working as an engineer you will more than likely be giving advice or making recommendations to clients. Professional Indemnity Insurance is an essential part of business if you are advising or recommending as you can be held responsible for the outcome of any advice given. You can be held responsible for things such as neglect and miscalculation. Although these may be small errors, they can cause someone a large financial loss.

Who does Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

As an engineer you will be highly trained and skilled to deal with design, construction and the use of engines or machines. We can provide cover for all different types of engineer, a few select examples are:

We are able to provide insurance quotes for engineers who are a member of The Institute of Chartered Engineers. Claims made against any engineer is highly likely to be complex and take a life time to get completed without the correct insurance cover. A policy from us, in the event of a claim can cover your legal defences, compensation pay outs, and help you get back on track if you are found liable for any damages.

If you cannot find the correct engineers professional indemnity insurance to suit you on our online quote and buy system, please get in touch and we will get you an offline quote to suit your needs. If you requite any help or advice, please feel free to contact one of our brokers who are happy to help.