Directors and Officers Insurance

A company director or senior officer has a high duty of care towards clients and employees. If a claim is made against you whilst you're uninsured, as an individual you will be personally liable for all the damages and legal costs. It does not matter whether you are to blame for an incident or not, the cost of defending yourself can become astronomical very quickly and recovering from any claim is hard work even with directors and officers insurance cover.

It is important to know that the Limited status of a company may not eliminate you from claims made against your company. It is not unusual to find directors that are under the impression that their limited status covers them so they do not need directors and officers insurance cover. This means that they are unintentionally putting their own personal belongings at risk.

Directors and Officers Insurance is designed to protect you against any claims and cover legal costs and any compensation awarded to third parties.

At present D & O insurance could not be more important as a rapidly increasing amount of professionals are coming under increased scrutiny from employees, shareholders and other stakeholders to act in the best interests of the company and comply with their strict statutory duties.

If you need any help with the completion of your application or advice on obtaining PI or Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, in the UK or abroad, please call telephone number +44 (0) 1323 648000 or e-mail us on

If you need any help with the completion of your application or advice on Directors & Officers Insurance, in the UK or abroad, please call +44 (0) 1323 648000 or e-mail us on

We are really proud of the service we provide to you: We combine a traditional high quality broking service, with an online Multiquote & Buy facility for a range of commercial insurances. This means that whether you have a complicated or overseas requirement, or you are a local SME, we will always provide the right level of service.

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What am I covered against?

There are various different acts, rules and regulations that companies have to abide by and have to be seen to be putting strict rules in place to protect their clients. Mistakes can and do happen in business everywhere but if you are unlucky enough to have a client make a claim against you, the claims you are likely to face could be:

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