IT & Computer Professionals Professional Indemnity Insurance

It doesn't matter whether you are building computer, working with them or maintaining a computer system, if you have an unhappy customer you could have a claim issued against you. If your system fails to run in the correct manner or fails completely then you will be liable for the damages that it has caused.

In clients minds technology either works or its broken, as a IT professional you will know this is not the case but getting the client to understand about bugs and issues is not an easy task. Unfortunately we are seeing a rise in claims against computer professionals, as technology progresses than more people expect.

Computer Professionals Professional Indemnity Insurance - What am I protected against?

We believe that all claims should be fair as todays society seems to have a 'where there's a blame there's a claim' attitude, so our insurance policies include the costs of legal fees as the claim needs to be fair. We have made it possible for you to build your own bespoke insurance policy so you can have the correct cover to suit you, this includes you being able to choose your own indemnity limit. It is important to obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance, because if you were to have a successful claim made against you, you would have to cover all of the costs from your own resources including your family home, car and other assets. With our bespoke policies you can be obtain different covers such as Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employers Liability, Office Contents, Internet, email and portable equipment cover. A select few of the things this enables you to be covered against are:

Other insurances to include

You cannot be too careful with online security as the growth of the Internet and Social Media campaigns, more people are behaving in a reckless and usually aggressive manner by publishing offensive and menacing messages aimed at others this is known as trolling.

If you would like any help or advice with IT / Computer Professionals insurance or cannot find your profession in our list, please contact one of our brokers who will be happy to help.